It’s Firehawk Dash Time!


Welcome Firehawks!

 The Firehawk DASH is Central PTO’s only fundraiser and we need your help to make it a success.

We have tried to make fundraising more FUN! Each year the students get pledges to run the DASH for CASH!  Each student raises their goal amount to reach their prize of choice. It’s that simple. 

Here is what you need to know…Below is information on the experiences and more details about each event for the Firehawk Dash prizes and pick up locations.

Check out new information on the DASH Bash ~ we want everyone to come enjoy the party made just for kids!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Central.

We love Central!

Central PTO

Experiences –

·         All students must have a release signed. 

·         Please look at the date and times of the events and make sure your student knows when and where to go.

·         Make sure you students are picked up at the right location.  Hawks club students will be picked up for their events at the Hawks Club and returned after the event. Always check in and out of all events.

·         Students will check in and out~ outside of the office near the Moonlight display (Library) unless noted.

·         Kindergarten and first grade students will be picked up at their respective class pick up locations and parents will pick up after event.

·         We are not able to make up any missed events. Please contact Tina Stott 720-938-8035 if you miss your event.



1.       Popsicles at Thompson Park with Mrs. Zacharisen 3-4 pm on Thursday, November 10.   Have a great time with some cool popsicles in the park with Mrs. Zacharisen and run and play in the park. Parents please pick up at the park under pavilion.

2.       UNO and a snack with Mrs. Sanseveriono 3-4 pm on Thursday, November 3.  Come and enjoy a snack in the library and play some Uno against Mrs. Sanseverino. Parents meet at the Moonlight Display next to library.

3.       New playground fun with Mrs. Haeberle and Mrs. Hernandez 3-4 pm on Tuesday, November 8.  If too much rain makes it unsafe we will reschedule for following Tuesday same time. Have a whole 45 minutes on the new playground with these fun teachers. Bring a snack. Please pick up at the Moonlight display by the Library.

4.       Extra Computer time with Mrs. Shaughnessy and Mrs. Pierce 3-4 pm on Wednesday, November 2. Bring a snack and have some fun on the computer to play games and create. Pick up students at the computer lab.



1.       Caramel Apples with Mrs. Marquez 3-4 pm on Friday, November 18th in Thompson Park. Get to dippin’ some apples, adding some sprinkles and get ready for fall. Please meet in the park for pick up. If weather does not permit happy apple making, we will be in the teachers’ lounge.

2.       Lunch with friend for K-2nd grade anywhere in cafeteria; 3rd-5th anywhere in school on Friday, November 11.  Friend must be in the same grade.  If you are in k-2nd grade you pick one friend and you two can sit anywhere in the cafeteria you want for lunch. Bring your own sack lunch or get a hot lunch.  If in 3-5 grade you and your friend take your sack lunch or hot lunch anywhere in the school.

3.       Chew a Pack of Gum for the day on Friday, November 11.  On Friday a PTO member will deliver you a pack of gum to your class to enjoy for the entire day.

4.       Read In with Mr. Orbanosky in his class 3-4 pm on Tuesday, November 15th. Bring what makes you comfy; pillow no bigger than you, blanket and a book. Relax and enjoy a good book. Meet at the Moonlight poster for pick up.


1.       Nerf Capture the Flag with Mrs. Law and Mrs. Vela in Thompson park on Tuesday, November 8 from 3-4 pm. Help defend the flag and take down the other team with nerf shots. Rules will be explained prior to start of game. Lots of nerf selections and ammunition will be provided. If you want to bring your nerf guns and ammo make sure they are marked for identification. Rain or shine. Parents please pick up at park under pavilion.

2.       Lunch with Mrs. Lange in her classroom on Friday, November 4 from 11:30-12:15. Bring your own lunch. Meet outside the preschool doors and enjoy a sack lunch with this popular teacher. Parents are welcome to stay.

3.       Make a mini Piñata with Mrs. Del Cid 3-4:30 pm on Thursday, November 10. Feeling crafty? Come to Mrs. DelCid’s class and make a mini-Piñata and take home a treasure! Parents meet at the Moonlight Display for pick up.


1.       Breakfast and a story with Mrs. Hakanson in the library Thursday, November 10 from 7:30-8:20 am. Arrive for a beautiful breakfast buffet with Mrs. Hakanson served on china. While enjoying your feast you will hear one of Mrs. Hakanson’s favorite books.  Meet at the front door at 7:20 am and then students will be sent to class.

2.       Games with Mr. Rehnberg in Gym 3-4 pm on Tuesday, December, 6th.  Meet Mr. Rehnberg in the gym and enjoy some of his favorite games. Bring a snack. Meet at the Moonlight Display to pick-up students.

3.       Drum Circle with Mr. Gage and Mrs. Law on November 16 from 3-4 pm in the music room. Come and have some drumming fun with two of our specials teachers. Sit and learn some rhythms and patterns to make music and try something new. Meet at the Moonlight display near the library for pick up.


DASH BASH ~ Friday, January 20th 6-8 pm.

Students who raise $175.00 are invited to the DASH BASH. Families with 2 students raise $250.00 together and families of 3+ students need to raise $300.00 to be invited to the DASH BASH. Please turn envelopes in all together.

This Party has been described as a kid’s dream. Dinner and a treat while playing your favorite music, learning new dances and playing games.  The gym becomes a bouncy playhouse as you bounce and jump your way through the obstacle course and slide all night.  Crafts and more… Parent~ you can drop off your children and enjoy a few hours together and we will return them to you tired and happy.



1.       All you can eat catered spaghetti family style lunch at a special table just for you and one friend during your grade’s lunchtime on Friday, December 9. Choose a friend in your grade and at lunch time head to the checkered table cloth with other winners and enjoy Ragazzi’s spaghetti, salad and breadsticks lunch served by your PTO with a sweet treat too!

2.       Fishing at Isaac Walton * Saturday, November 12 from 9 -10:15 am.  Bring your child to the Isaac Walton Park to have fun with PTO and parent volunteers who are fishermen and women~ meet at the pavilion. PTO will have fishing poles, bait and an experience to help you catch the big one! Kids can be dropped off but please do not be late for pick up. Meet in the same location for pick up. Please sign your students out.

3.       Movie party after school with Mr. Orbanosky and Mrs. Eiffert on Wednesday, November 2 from 3-5 pm. Pizza, popcorn and G rated movie will be provided. Bring a pillow no bigger than you. Parents meet at the Moonlight sign by the library at 5 pm.


1.       Bowling at Centennial Lanes * with Mrs. Stamper and Mrs. Strain Saturday, November 5 from 3:30-5 pm. Arrive at the bowling alley, get your shoes and play away. Enjoy some laughter and fun while knocking down pins. Parents of students 9+ may drop off. Please check your student in and out.

2.       Ice skating * at the Ice Pavilion with Mrs. Vogel-Pitts and Mrs. Raleigh November 29, from 3-4:30 pm. We will walk from Central to the ice pavilion at Roosevelt Park. We will enjoy cocoa and ice skating. Please pick up at 4:30 at the Ice Pavilion. Please check your child out.

3.       Crackpots with Mrs. Cavallero, Mrs. DelCid and Mrs. Gillies Thursday, November 10th, from 3-4:30 pm. We will walk from Central to Crackpots, have a snack and pick from an array of pre-arranged pottery pieces to paint. Please pick up your artist at 4:30 at Crackpots and check them out. Remember to come back and pick up art.


Pottery Fun with Mr. Gage. (2 day experience)  Create clay and glaze an original art piece. Dates will be assigned once winners are tallied. Once all winners are tallied, Mr. Gage will pick a day to create a masterpiece based on how many students choose this prize. We will try and make it work for all students as best as we can. 

$325 Grand Prize

Limousine ride with Royal Coach Limousine Service to Scrumptious with Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Havel 3:00-5:00 pm Wednesday December 7th.  Hop in this fun ride to scrumptious and get some ice cream.  Parents pick up at the Limo at school. Please check out your student.

Second Highest winner

Hang out with your favorite specials teacher for 1/2 a day, pick a prize and attend the DASH BASH. Winners get to help present the check to Think Humanity for the Moonlight School.


Top Earner

Gets to be Principal for 1/2 a day, pick a prize attend the DASH BASH. Winners get to help present the check to Think Humanity for the Moonlight School.


Some events are subject to be cancelled or rescheduled due to circumstances beyond our control.

*Students 8 and under must have parent supervision. Parents provide transportation. 

Central Elementary School