Off-Site Evacuation Drill Scheduled-2/23/18

Central Parents and Guardians:
 This email is a reminder that we will be conducting our off-site evacuation drill to New Creation Church on Bross St. across from Roosevelt Park tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 23 from 9:00-10:30 a.m.   This drill is conducted to ensure we can quickly and effectively evacuate and move away from the school in case of a fire, a bomb threat, a gas leak, or other dangerous situation/event that would necessitate us being further away from the school to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
 We have been prepping our students and will not have a fire alarm or any other potentially frightening signals at the onset of the drill.  I will make an announcement over our PA system that will simply state:  “We are now starting our evacuation drill.”  We will cross Bross St., assemble at Thompson Park, take attendance, then begin our walk to New Creation Church.  Once we get to the church, we will re-assemble in the church’s auditorium, take attendance, do a quick debrief with the students about the drill, then head back to Central and be back in class by 10:30-ish.
 If you have any questions or concerns about this drill, please feel free to contact me.
 Thanks and have a great evening!


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