Central Elementary Fifth Grade Students Taking Action

Fifth grade students at Central Elementary IB World School are taking action as part of their Exhibition project. Exhibition is a culminating learning experience where students study, plan, reflect and act on an area of interest that may have local or global significance. As the study began students were asking questions about the big idea, who we are, with a focus on how change create opportunity.

Students are able to pursue almost any idea or topic that connects back to the shared focus. With the guidance of their classroom teacher, IB Coordinator, parents, and community, students take ownership of their learning. They begin to ask questions and find answers. One group of students began to inquire more about bullying and specifically what they can do to help.

They used personal experience and new learning to drive their inquiry. Through their research and reflections they wanted to do more. Learning about bullying was only the beginning. In March these three students went to a City Council meeting and proposed that Longmont have a “No Bullying Day”.

In May, the students were present at the City Council meeting as the Mayor read the Proclamation designating May 23, 2019 as “No Bullying Day” in Longmont, Colorado. They accepted this proclamation and spoke a few words about what this day means to them. They, along with the Mayor and City Council of the City of Longmont, “invite all to put a stop to bullying and instead choose to be kind to one another today and every day”.

These students were risk-takers and showed independence and perseverance. Congratulations to these young scholars!


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